If Your Website...

...then this is the webring for you. Other than keeping to the theme of the ring, site owners are urged to maintain their pages and see to it that all links are in working order, as well as revise their profiles should their E-mail or URL change.

* aka EMH-AK1 Diagnostic & Surgical Subroutine Omega 323, aka EMH Mark I, aka Holographic Doctor, aka Holodoc, aka The Doctor, aka Kenneth, aka Schweitzer, aka Schmullus... For someone without a name, he's certainly been called a lot of things, ain't he?

How to Join This Ring

It's very simple. All you have to do is:

  1. Fill out the application below. If your site is a general Star Trek: Voyager website, then please submit the URL which leads people directly to your featured EMH* area.

  2. Save the graphic at the bottom of this page to your PC, and upload to your website directory.

  3. Add the Ring Code which will be sent to you via E-mail following your submission.

A Quick Note About Content

This ring welcomes participants and websurfers of all ages. If your website contains or links directly to material of mature content, then a warning MUST be displayed on the page your submitted URL leads to. Any sites which feature or link directly to material of an explicit sexual nature will be rejected.

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Note: When you click to submit, the example on the next page may not display. It will work out fine when you use the code on your site and download one of the ring graphics. Remember to adjust the jpg filename in the code to the file you select. If you select the default image on this page, there will be no need to edit the code.

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The Webring Graphic

Windows users: right-click with your mouse over the graphic below and select Save Image As... (IE users "Save Picture As..."). MacIntosh users: hold their mouse button down for a few secs for the same menu of options will pop up. Be sure to upload this file ("emhring.jpg") to your website directory:


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If you have any questions, please E-mail me.